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Toronto is Canada's largest city and the provincial capital of Ontario. Toronto's population is 2,518,772, residents of Toronto are termed Torontonians.

The city is a port of entry and an important commercial, financial, and industrial hub as well as Canada's banking and stock-exchange center and chief wholesale-distribution point. Its importance as a port and transshipment point has increased since the opening (1959) of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Ontario's wealth of raw materials and hydroelectric power make Toronto an industrial powerhouse. The city and surrounding area produces more than half of Canada's manufactured goods.

Toronto's downtown core is sandwiched between Front Street to the south, Bloor to the north, Spadina to the west and Jarvis to the east. Yonge Street is the main north-south artery: principal street numbers start and names change from "West" to "East" from here. Note, therefore, that 1000 Queen Street W is a long way from 1000 Queen Street E. To appreciate the transition between the different downtown neighbourhoods, it's best to walk around the centre - Front to Bloor is about 2km, Spadina to Jarvis 1km. In an attempt to protect shoppers from Ontario's climate, there's also an enormous sequence of pedestrianized shopping arcades called the PATH Walkway , which begins beneath Union Station, twisting up to the Eaton Centre shopping mall and beyond. Both visitor centres issue free PATH maps.

Street signs in Toronto are mostly in English. Weekly and daily newspapers are published in myriad languages, and the city hosts a successful international film festival each September. It is also the second-largest live-theater venue on the continent (after New York), and is home to a popular baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Simply put, Toronto has something for everyone.
When to go to Toronto?
Summer and fall are popular because of the mild weather, however, Toronto receives plenty of visitors for various festivals throughout the year: the International Film Festival in September, the Jazz Festival in June, and the Royal Agricultural Fair in November. In February there are two weekends of Winterfest.

Toronto Travel Guide
Toronto city
Toronto Travel Guide
Toronto city

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