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Canada Sports

Ice Hockey in Canada

Ice Hockey is a sport of great importance in countries where climatic conditions are favorable for the existence of extensive ice fields, and Canada is precisely one. This sport is very popular in the country; its national team has achieved several world championships and Olympic medals in the past decades. Ice Hockey is a contact sport and can sometimes be very violent, but these features are actually the main attraction for the fans. Don't practice ice hockey without a good equipment. Your body will appreciate it.

Canadian Football

Canadian football is widely practiced by young people in schools and universities. This contact sport has a highly competitive professional league, but it does not reach the level of the American League, the NFL. There are small differences in the way people play football in Canada, for example, the dimensions of the field tend to be more extensive; the number of players also varies, instead of having 11 players† Canadian teams choose to put 12 players into the field. Despite these slight differences, football in Canada is no less exciting than in the US.

Practice sports to normalize your BMI

Even if you are very active in sports, you may check your BMI in order to know if you are doing things well. In Canada, the average BMI is 27 and this is very high.
Actively playing sports, you get normally improve your BMI and Canada is very easy for that, for the different options you have to practice any sport. As a result of that sport can make your body mass index down and kept in a BMI 23. As you know the Body Mass Index or BMI, estimate the amount of body fat a person has. It's a measure of relative weight based on an adult's mass and height.

Baseball in Canada

Like Football, Baseball in Canada is a popular sport, but not as much as in the neighboring country (USA). Baseball is considered the American pastime, but that did not stop the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993 to win the World Series, proving that Canadian players know a thing or two about baseball bats. There are many kinds of baseball bats, specially for adults, juniors, senior and others. If you are a baseball player, you should look for the baseball bat that better suits your needs. Although Canada does not have a professional baseball league, it’s very common to find small leagues throughout its territory.

Ski Resorts in Canada

Canada may be considered as one of the best destinations in the world to practice Skiing. Thanks to its geography and climate characteristics itís very easy to find a variety of Ski Resorts throughout its territory. The most luxurious and well known are, without a doubt, the Mont-Tremblant in Quebec and the Banff/Lake Louise. This little snow paradise is over 70 years old and was the first of its kind to open in Canada and the second in America.

Mont-Tremblant is located one hour from Montreal, which is why this resort not only allows us to enjoy a magical weekend, but to visit one of the major cities of Canada as well. This is not the only place worth visiting however, the Banff / Lake Louise (in the province of Alberta) also attracts many tourists each year. Its main attraction is its proximity to the mountains and the visual beauty they give way to the incredible sceneries.

These centers provide all the luxuries needed to spend an unforgettable time; but they also have ski schools to guide you through learning the sport. Traversing the snow at high speed requires supervision, but above all, knowledge and experience; therefore the best option is to take ski lessons. Some of the best ski schools are located in Ontario, so it is worth visiting the city at some point.

Marinas in Canada

Canada is also well known for its love for Sailing. There are many harbors along the coast, most of them engaged in industrial fishing. However, many Canada Marinas are oriented to tourism and are equipped with all necessary amenities for visitors from all over the world.

In these small harbors is very common to find restaurants, cinemas and gas stations. Most of these services aim to maintain the well function of boats and other vessels as well as controlling their parking. Many Marinas have private clubs equipped with luxury and impressive installations. Joining these associations can be very complicated, but once you are in, the benefits make all the effort worthwhile.

Diving in Canada

Unlike many other countries with tropical climates, Diving in Canada is somehow less popular among tourists. This activity, however, is widely practiced among scientists and explorers, due to the variety of marine life that inhabits the Canadian seas. Despite this, there are many diving schools that receive hundreds of tourists each year. These centers can provide all services necessary to start with our passion. Classes include an instructor and necessary equipment.

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