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Languages in Canada
Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and currently one of the world powers. Canada is also a multicultural country where you can find people from all over the world visiting some of the many tourist attractions that this amazing country can offer.
 As many people know, there are two official languages in Canada.
  • The first and the most spoken is English language that is the mother tongue of at least 58.4% of the Canadian population.
  • The second is French language that is the mother tongue of at least 7 million people and it accounts 22.3% of the total Canada population.
Although English language is spoken in most Canadian regions, French language is also spoken in important Canadian communities, which are also called French-Canadian communities, for example: Ottawa, Ontario, New Hampshire, San Boniface, Vermont, Montreal and Manchester.

Quebec French
As we said earlier, French is one of the two official languages in Canada; about 95% Canadian people speak French as the first or second language. Most native French speakers live in Quebec and the language is called     Quebec French which is widely used in the government, media and of course in education. Schools in Quebec offer teaching both English and French language alike. Like with other regions where French is spoken, Quebec French has some differences with the French spoken in France; nevertheless it is still French and not a Creole dialect, so there could be some difficulties when a resident of Quebec has the first contact with foreign French due to stress and some local expressions.

French language to move to Quebec
Due to its amazing monuments, forests, mountain, lakes, a variety of wildlife and of course nice people, Quebec is one of the most coveted Canadian regions where people wish to live. Learning French, or learning at least some of the most common French sentences, is certainly a necessity because it will help you to communicate with locals and the best options to learn it is definitely enrolling in a language school. Besides that, if you are worried about moving, relax because you can find some of the most renowned Canada moving companies in Quebec.

As we can see, French is one of the most important languages in the world, and proof of its importance is that it is spoken in many cities all over the world such as Quebec.

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