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Canadian War Museum
Set in a rustic building in downtown Ottawa, right next to the National Arts Centre, the CWM is a living testement to men and women who fought, and died while serving in Canada's armed forces. The museum covers all aspects of Canada's history, even pre-European contact.

Headstone of Canada's Unknown Soldier
The headstone of Canada's unknown soldier, entombed near the National War Monument, is located in the Memorial Hall of the War Museum. On November 11 at 11 o'clock, when Canada holds a moment of silence for its war dead, the sun shines through the window and illuminates the headstone.

Laurier House
From 1897 to 1919, it was occupied by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Canada's seventh Prime Minister and the first French-Canadian elected to that office.

Civilisation Museum
One of dozens of museums in Canada’s capital region, the Museum of Civilisation is one of the most fascinating with its artefacts on display including interesting things such as the world’s oldest known boat, several mummies, and the story of the “bog people” of north-western Europe.

Canadian Museum of Nature
This museum has everything, dinosaurs, creepy crawlers, geology, mammals, etc. It's perfect for little kids, and even big kid in you! The museum is in an old castle which is in very good shape, and can't be missed while driving downtown.

Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park is a giant wedge of land measuring 140 square miles (363 sq km) to the northwest of Canada's Capital Region. It is a recreational haven for locals and visitors alike, and contains many features of interest. The Luskville Falls are inspiring; the Lusk Cave made of marble can be explored with a hard hat; the King Mountain Trail has 10 observation points and takes an hour to complete; the Mackenzie King Estate, a 231-hectare landscaped space in the heart of the park, was the summer residence of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s 10th prime minister.

Strathcona Park
With lovely green spaces that stretch along the banks of the Rideau River toward the Sandy Hill area, this residential park is a terrific place to take the entire family. Surrounded by the attractive Ottawa cityscape, you’ll find several perfect backdrops for photos.

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