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Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada can be an exciting experience and a good opportunity too; this is because Canada is one of the top 10 economies worldwide. Before you move out, there are many things that you should consider. With a good counseling, there is no doubt that the transfer will be stress-free. Remember, relocating to another place means a big change to you and your family.

Before moving out, it is important to get some information about Canada. Look for:
  • Quick facts: population, climate, time zone, dialing code, etc.
  • Canadian culture, customs and traditions, it is also important to get information about the immigration process, the educational system and the Canadian laws.
  • How to get an insurance, how to open an account bank, how to get a mortgage, Canada’s monetary currency.
  • It is recommended to find a place to live and a job vacancy.

Moving companies in Canada

Planning in detail is the key for a successful transfer. Depending on if the transfer is local or international, you will see if it is necessary to work with a moving company.There are many moving companies in Canada; you can choose one that better suits your needs. You can start your search in magazines and newspapers ads or you can use a search engine as Google or Yahoo and make a list of movers companies; look for accredited movers. After that, you can start the process of selection. Consider the following:
  • Choose a company that is specialized in moving.
  • Get at least two or three cost estimates from different companies and information about their services. Almost all companies calculate their budget based on the same parameters.
  • Get references about some companies and quality of their services by asking to friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances.
  • Do not be tempted to choose the company with the lowest prices; it may not offer a quality service.
  • Review carefully the budgets and the kind of services that they include:
    • Load and unloading.
    • Installation services.
    • Duration of the transfer- this usually varies depending on the service provided.
    • Insurance in case of lost or damaged objects.
    • Packing services and other special services offered such as transferring antique objects or pets
Once that you’ve choose a company, it is important sign a contract to avoid any possible complications/ modifications. International moving companies usually have offices placed in every part of the world. So,if you are moving from other country to Canada, you can work with one of these international companies in order to get a successful moving because they have the required tools, transportation and personnel.

Don’t forget to include in your plans some things such as:
  • Send moving postcards to your friends; maybe they can help you with the transfer.
  • Contact a employment agency before you move out.
  • Contact a Real Estate company in order to find a property before moving to Canada.


  • Some people prefer to pack their belongings by themselves; it is a good idea if there are not a lot of things to pack. But if you want to carry furniture, it is better to leave it in profesional hands. Some companies offer this service without extra cost and one day before the transfer. They also provide all the required supplies for a correct packaging.
  • It is important to organize all your belongings before packing them; it helps you to have a successful transfer and gives you a better idea about the specific location of your belongings. You can also make a list of important things to pack them in an special box; these things are those that you have to carry with you at all times such as passports and other important documents.
  • Some companies also offer special furniture packing but it has an extra cost.
  • Label all your boxes. Also, make a list and specify what things are packed in each box.

Choosing the ideal city and neighborhood in Canada, picking the ideal realtor and picking a mover are important decisions. According a research make by Money Sense, these are the 25 best places to live in Canada:
  1. Ottawa-Gatineau
  2. Victoria
  3. Burlington
  4. Kingston
  5. St. Albert
  6. Fredericton
  7. Brandon
  8. Edmonton
  9. Repentigny
  10. Winnipeg
  11. Moncton
  12. Whitehorse
  13. Lévis,
  14. London
  15. Saskatoon
  16. Calgary
  17. Laval
  18. Guelph
  19. Lethbridge
  20. Thunder Bay
  21. Halifax
  22. North Bay
  23. Regina
  24. Newmarket
  25. Quebec City
If you are thinking of moving to Canada the first thing that you have to do is to become familiar with this country. It will not be a complicated moving if you plan it with enough time and organize all the details.

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