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Canada Travel Guide

Introduction to Canada

Being the second largest country in the world, Canada has many touristic destinations to offer such as Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Kingston and Toronto among others. Of course it's impossible to see all Canadian appealing features in just one trip, therefore we recommend you to plan at least two weeks holidays. Here you can practice outdoor sports like hiking, skiing, rafting and fishing and at the same enjoy its beautiful countryside. This country is by far one of the most beautiful countries in the world because combines urban and nature landscapes, attracting people from all over the world.
This multicultural country has two official languages which are English and French. As we already know English is one of the word's important idioms, however, in Canada is necessary to speak both languages English and French. If you don't have any idea of how to learn French, you should find out French language schools where professors or a private French tutor can teach you the basics of this language. You will see how easy it's to learn having the support of a private teacher. In a short time period you will be fluent in French. Likewise, on the internet you can find meaningful information in some e-learning websites where you can study online several courses. If you want to start learning a foreign language or complement your French knowledge, these sites provide you with useful tools such as grammar, dictionaries and vocabulary courses 
Canada also offers interesting job opportunities to overseas and local job seekers. Nevertheless after applying for job offers, it's advisable to plan your whole job search in advance. In this country are also private or state owned organizations that can help you at this stage, they are the Canada employment agencies. These types of agencies usually act as a mediator between job seekers and employer, therefore it's a great idea contract their services in order to have a successful job search. Employment agencies provide the following services: 
  • Assistance with your job application process
  • Consultancy services in the writing process of resumes and cover letter.
  • Tips for a successful interview
  • A data base of thanks and cover letters
As well as these organizations provide companies with skilled professionals, if you match the profile that they are looking for, then the employment agency will contact you for a future job interview. 
There are also employment agencies that specialize in certain sectors such as accounting and banking, in this case accounting employment agencies are focused on the jobs related to the accounting and finance labor market. If your profession belongs to this sector, we recommend you to address to their offices in order to get further information.
Looking for a job is an exhausting task, however you can make it easier if you have the right tools. Imagine have your online resume, that's a reality thanks to certain web pages. Here you can make a resume for free in only 5 minutes. 

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