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Insurance in Canada

Insurances can be a confusing and intimidating topic. The insurers sometimes seem unapproachable. The goal is to help you to understand why insurance is important, and how it works. We will also talk about the types of insurances.

Home Insurance

Buying a house is probably the largest single financial investment that you have made. It does not matter how well built houses are; houses are still vulnerable to fire, theft and other disasters.

Home insurance protects from even a partial loss; if someone breaks in and steals the belongings found in your house, home insurance will cover them because the costs are higher than most people could manage on their own.

Car Insurance

Whenever you drive a car, it is possible that you may cause damage to other people’s property, passengers or pedestrians.

Most people have economic problems to pay for the losses caused by property damage, injury or death. All of them can be caused while driving; that’s why governments require drivers to acquire insurance to cover any kind of loss.
Car insurance can help to:
•    Cover for damage to your car (Collision.)
•    Protect against theft, vandalism and other perils (Comprehensive.)

Life Insurance

If you have a family, the most important way to help your family is to have a life insurance; it is one of the simplest ways that you can help to protect their financial future. Life insurance provides your family a tax-free benefit upon your death, this insurance can help to:
  • Pay any loans and debts.
  • Maintain their lifestyle and pay day-to-day expenses.
  • Pay your children's education.
  • Cover funeral costs.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is designed to cover only emergency situations. When you decide to buy travel insurance you will probably concerned about only one, or several the types of benefits:
  • Health insurance by travel.
  • Trip cancellation insurance.
  • Lost baggage insurance.
  • Flight accident insurance.
  • Insurance by accidental death and dismemberment.
  • Insurance by rental vehicle damage.

Health Insurance

Nowadays Canada is recognized by its effective health care system but not all provincial governments offer unlimited coverage. Here is a list of the most covered expenses:
  • One eye examination every 24 months.
  • Basic ward accommodations in hospital.
  • Regular physician visits.
This list is not reflective of all the health insurance plans in the city of Canada. Some provinces do not provide full health insurance coverage for these basic needs.

Many families in Canada are left without proper coverage for regular dental care, vision care, prescription drugs, and unforeseen health care emergencies.

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