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Health Care in Canada

Canada has a health insurance program that offers medical services for all the residents in the country; the national program is composed of 13 provincial and territorial health insurance plans. Each one is under the provincial governments’ responsibility; they are in charge of their management, organization and delivery.

The Canada's health care system is in charge of the federal and provincial government. The system is mostly free, it also provides services like dental and vision care, and attend maternity and infertility problems. The pharmaceutical medications are covered by public funds for the elderly or indigent.

Canada medical schools

Canada has some great medical schools.

Medical  schools  

Medical schools in Canada

There are many factors to consider when applying to medical schools in Canada. You should consider the time that you will invest in attending medical courses, the requirements that you will have to fullfil and the kind of job that you will choose according to your skills. However, you should make sure that you have the vocation to become a doctor, in other words, you must find job in servicing other people. Evaluate a wide range of possibilities before you follow and finish a career in a medical field.


Nursing  schools  

Nursing schools in Canada

You may desire to become a nurse, but are you sure of what it implies? Do not worry; actually nursing schools in Canada are serious institutions that offer the best nursing specialties as: adult care, mental care, ambulatory care, administrative, allergy/immunology, anesthetist or burns. Make sure that you’ve taken the best decision in regard to the kind of work that you will perform.

Pharmacy  schools  

Pharmacy schools in Canada

What does it mean to follow a pharmacy career? What does it imply? How to choose the best pharmacy school? What kind of salary will you receive? These are some of the questions that you must ask to yourself before you choose to become a pharmacist. Search for the best pharmacy schools in Canada. 

Dental schools  

Dental schools in Canada

Make sure that you want to become a dentist before you look for dental schools in Canada.
Research about degrees, specialties, equipment and work statistics before you make a final decision. Make sure that your school is accredited. Search for the requirements that are requested in your province to obtain a license to be able to work as a dentist in Canada. 

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