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Golf in Canada

Golf may not be one of the major sports in Canada, but it certainly manages to attract thousands of people every year. During some of the major Golf tournaments in the country, many fans take some free time to follow closely the performance of their favorite players. Among the best known players is Mike Weir, a professional player on the PGA Tour; his most important accomplishment is to stay 110 weeks in the top-10 of the Official World Golf Rankings.

Canada has major golf courses in their most important cities in order to boost the practice of golf. The National Golf Club of Canada in Woodbridge, Ontario, is one of the most prestigious and visited. Their fields are visually astonishing and are considered a real challenge for experienced golfers.

The Hamilton Golf and Country Club is also considered among the most important golf courses in Canada. Its 27 holes over the entire field ensure a day of fun and entertainment. This field was the venue chosen for the Bell Canadian Open in 2003 where Bob Tway was crowned champion.

Starting with Golf

To start practicing this sport is necessary to take a few golf lessons first. Having an instructor that guides our steps will be much more profitable than trying to learn on our own. It is true that enthusiasm can be very helpful, but a couple of good Golf Tips can help us to get much farther in less time.

Most Golf clubs have Golf Schools to complete your learning experience, and give us the possibility to measure our skills with other players and even participate in small amateur tournaments.

Golf schools
recommend starting with a simple set of clubs instead of an expensive one. After all, the technique we will develop from our training will determine the kind of clubs we will need in order to take advantage of our best qualities.

Unlike a golf school, private lessons generally take longer and are usually more expensive. It is true that a personal instructor offers a personalized service, but a Golf School allows you to meet new people who share the same passion for golf with you.

For more information on Canada golf courses you can access our database.

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