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Education in Canada

The educational system of Canada involves public and private education. The public education is managed by each Canadian province; hence, there are some differences in the educational system between the provinces. However, education is an important part of life for Canadian people. Since the education is provincially controlled in Canada, the age at which children receive a compulsory education varies. Nevertheless, you can find some similarities between those different educational systems.

Educational system in Canada

Most Canadian children begin attending compulsory school at the age of 6, but kids of age between 4-5 years old can attend kindergartens. Elementary education has eight grades in most provinces, but this stage of education has 6 grades in Quebec. Secondary Education is for all young people who are between 14-18 years old. Post-secondary education comprises career colleges/vocational schools, universities, and science schools.

High school education in Canada

High school education is followed by college education, and all students who complete their secondary education may apply to an university. Canadian universities are popular for making research in many science fields; their university courses are oriented to develop the skills of their students, and most students take extra courses in order to strengthen their knowledge. Most university courses are in taught both languages: English and French, which helps many foreign students who go to study in Canada.

Canadian universities

Canadian universities are the second most valued institutions in North America and the most important University rankings consider them in the top ten.  Canadian universities have exchange programs with the most well-known universities around the world, and they have the key for their students to become successful professionals. However, there are other students who prefer to choose business schools and/or other kind of post-secondary education.  

The education in Canada is one of the most important educational systems in America; there are more students who want to get a university diploma. It would be a good idea to visit Canada in order to study a professional career, because this country has its doors open to everybody who want to visit or live there. 

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