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Canada's mountains, lakes, rivers and forests offer the opportunity to indulge in a vast range of outdoor pursuits. We've concentrated on hiking, skiing and canoeing - three of Canada's most popular activities - and on the national parks, which have been established to preserve and make accessible the best of the Canadian landscape.

Other popular activities such as whale-watching, horse riding, fishing and rafting are covered in some detail in the main text, but whatever activity interests you, be certain to send off to the provincial tourist offices for information before you go. Once in Canada you can rely on finding outfitters, equipment rental, charters, tours and guides to help you in most areas; tourist offices invariably carry full details or contact numbers. Also make a point of visiting Canadian bookshops - most have a separate outdoor pursuits section with a wide variety of specialist guides

National and provincial parks in Canada

Canada has just about every natural habitat going, from ice-bound polar islands in the far north to sun-drilled pockets of desert along the United States border. Between these extremes the country's mountains, forests and grasslands support an incredible variety and profusion of wildlife - any brief account can only scratch the surface of what it's possible to see.

National and provincial parks offer the best starting places, and we've listed some of the outstanding sites for spotting particular species. However, don't expect to see the big attractions like bears and wolves easily - despite the enthusiasm of guides and tourist offices, these are encountered only rarely

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