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Festivals in Canada

Calgary Winterfest
All things show will be highlighted during the event. A children’s carnival will be set up indoors at Devonian Gardens. There will be skiing and snowboarding at Olympic Park. Canoe portage competitions and an array of winter sports will complete the list of activities.

Annual Festival du Voyageur
An annual celebration of “joie de viure” highlights French Canadian history. A street party, dog sled races, parade and winter sportsl competitions provide something for everyone. Log sawing, barrel balancing, and beard growing all make the list of sports to watch.

Kellogg's Quebec City Winter Carnival
A great all city festival with music and street fun. Ice sculptures and snow activities for the entire family. The carnival mascot BonHomie leads the festivities

Fete des Neiges
Ice sculptures, skating, tobogganing, singing in the streets of the old city, pure family fun and revelry in Parc des Iles, Montreal

North America’s largest winter festival includes endless activities for families. The festival’s activities line the longest skating rink in the world. Outaouais/Ottawa.

Thunder on Ice
The big event in the north. Snowmobiles, cars, ATV’s and dirt bikes will be competing for over $150,000 in prize money. A concert with big name music stars is also planned. TV coverage will reach 25 million households in North America.

Film schools

Film schools in Canada

A film school is an educational institution that is dedicated to the film instruction; it means that it covers aspects like movie making that includes film production, theory, and scriptwriting. Most of the film schools programs incorporate a technical training, such as learning the use of cameras, lights and other necessary instruments for the production of movies.

Music schools in Canada

Because the Music, learn a music program help to develop the mind and grow, this is really true. By such reason is good the music schools. In conclusion music is everything , the music is: Enduring, Science, Math, History, Physical Education, Foreign Language.
Music schools

Dance schools

Dance schools in Canada

Here you can find the most important dance schools, and also first-hand information about dance education, dance career, dance wear and other resources related with dance. Dance is a deliberate activity that involves purpose, intentional rhythm, culturally movement of aesthetic and inherent value; all these make dance an art rather than a sport or a coincidence.

Image schools in Canada

Professional and personal environments are filled with images. Whatever the media, presentation format, or technology used, images remain above all the creation of specialists responding to the precise needs of companies from every professional sector. Image schools cover interactive multimedia, animation, graphic and printing communication, photography and video.
Image schools

Beauty schools

Beauty schools in Canada

Our Beauty Schools directory is a very complete source of information for those interested in studying cosmetology arts & sciences and acquiring a degree in beauty, cosmetology, esthetics/skin care, nail technology, barbering, or any related field.

Art schools in Canada

Interested in a degree in the art and design world? with our database of art schools and colleges, has top degree programs in a variety of fields, including graphic design, fashion, interactive media, interior design, game design, web design, photography and film.
Art schools

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