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Canada Travel Guide - Travel to Canada

Canada is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. It has many interesting cities, like Toronto, North Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax. But also some of the most impressive nature, which is great for outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, rafting and fishing.

Canada boasts a wide, diverse culture, which we celebrate with pride, and there is simply no way to see everything in one trip - or even in a lifetime. Full of surprises, Canada is simply the most astonishingly beautiful country in the world.

For those wanting to take advantage of the outdoors, best time is to visit in the summer. For those wanting to experience everything Canada has to offer, visit in the winter. Temperatures range from plus 40 C in summer to minus 40 C in the winter, so dress accordingly!

Travel to Canada

The typical Canadian might be an elusive concept, but you'll find there's a distinctive feel to the country. Some towns might seem a touch too well-regulated and unspontaneous, but against this there's the overwhelming sense of Canadian pride in their history and pleasure in the beauty of their land. Canada embraces its own clichés with an energy that's irresistible, promoting everything from the Calgary Stampede to maple-syrup festivals and lumberjacking contests with an extraordinary zeal and openness. As John Buchan, writer and Governor-General of Canada, said, "You have to know a man awfully well in Canada to know his surname."

With Canada as your chosen holiday destination - the challenge is now where to go and what to see and do. To make the most of your precious time in this vast Continent.

Escorted tours through Canada offers spectacular scenery and is sure to make an appearance on many people's bucket list. Depending on whether you choose to travel from coast to coast or just one particular region it's one of the countries everyone should visit at least once.


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